BIO Phil Kitze and the Resonators are based in the Twin Cities. They have been together for over 20 years. Phil Kitze and the Resonators play a variety of Rockin’ Blues, Rockin’ Roll and original music, but Chicago and Texas Blues is their mainstay. With a very upbeat style, they attract a lot of dancers. They have a versatile repertoire doing 50% original blues and rock and roll, and covers of Johnny Winter, Jimi Hendrix, Bobby Blue Bland, Freddie King, Albert Collins, and Elmore James to name a few. You can view their repertoire, click on “Playlist”. Lineup includes Pat Hulme, drums, Larry J. Beckmann, bass, and Philip Kitze guitar, slide guitar and vocals. They add Dale Peterson on keyboards for some shows. Check them out by coming to a show. Click on “Home”to view their current schedule. Click on the “Live Video” page to see them playing live. PHIL KITZE and the RESONATORS PLAY ROCKIN’ ROLL & ROCKIN’ BLUES!!!

Phil Kitze and the Resonators are available as a 4 piece or 3 piece. Phil also performs a duo, or a solo act.

3 PIECE BAND For Phil Kitze and the Resonators, this is the core lineup. Bass, drums, guitars, and vocals. The main drummer is Pat Hulme, considered one of the very best in the area.  Larry Beckmann plays bass, who has been with Phil for 10 years and has known and played with Phil for over 30 years. Phil Kitze plays guitar, slide guitar, and lead vocals to round out the lineup.

4 PIECE BAND Phil Kitze and the Resonators add a fourth instrument in some instances. Piano players’ Bruce McCabe, from Lamont Cranston, and the Hoopsnakes, or Dale Peterson from Lamont Cranston, or Virgil Nelson from the Butanes have all played with them numerous times.

DUO Phil Kitze does a 2 piece acoustic show. Phil uses different players such as Larry Hayes on acoustic guitar, and vocals, or Larry Beckmann on bass and vocals. See “Acoustic Show”. Phil plays acoustic and resonator guitars, harmonica, and vocals.

SOLO Phil also does solo acoustic performances. Phil plays acoustic and resonator guitars, harmonica, and vocals. He has a very interesting acoustic show, doing blues, old country, folk music, and a variety of other styles too. See “Acoustic Show

“Trouble Caught Me” a song on Phil’s “The Sky is Clearing”  CD was selected to be in the Minnesota Blues Hall of Fame!

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